Badger Track Club Cross Country Series


Location: Elver Park

Date: October 19th-November 20th

Time: 5pm-6pm Mondays and Thursdays

This series will teach your child beginner and advanced Cross Country running, racing and will prepare them for the following championship races:

2017 Wisconsin Association Cross Country Championships in Kenosha at UW-Parkside November 5th    

2017 Footlocker Midwest Championships at UW Parkside November 25th.

This series will cover an introduction to Cross Country for beginners, as well as advanced training techniques like fartlek, interval and tempo running.  Athletes will be put into 2 different groups depending on what level you choose on the sign up form.  This will also build a bridge for the indoor track season and the Wisconsin USATF regional in February 2018.

The new Badger Track Club Tech shirt will be given to each participant

Ages 7-18 years old.

Cost: $60

2018 Fall Cross Country Series Sign-up

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