Q-Where do we meet for practice at the OLD Verona High School right next to Badger Ridge Middle School?

A-You can park at the lot above the track and walk down.  When you get there you can hang out in the stands or stand on the side of the track and wait for practice to start.  If you choose to go down to the track just make sure you aren’t getting in anyone’s way who is practicing ahead of our time.


Q-What type of shoes do a I need for practice?

A-You should have a good pair of new or fairly new supportive running shoes for the program.  You can go to Fleet Feet or Movin’ Shoes to purchase shoes.  They can help you get fit and find shoes.  Please go the route of more supportive rather than “good looking”.  The goal is to have something that keeps your athlete healthy.


Q-What events can I do\try?

A-You can do whatever events you would like.  If you want to be a sprinter one day and then distance the next you can.  This is sometimes what the younger kids do.  Once you figure out what events are best for you, you should try to stick to them to try to master them.  You can always ask one of the coaches to help you make the decision and they will give you advice.


Q-What is the deadline for meet sign-ups?

A-This is usually controlled by the Meet Director.  If we send out a sign-up link with a deadline please be signed up before.  Most Meet Directors do not allow us to sign up after the deadline.


Q-I’m not getting the notification emails from Badger Track Club or the Badger Track Club Summer Series what should I do?

A-Send an email to with the email address you would like to be added to and describe the list.  If it’s the Badger Track Club Summer Series emails just request that.  If you want the general emails you can sign-up for the general emails on the home page it’s under the NEWSLETTER area.


Q-Do I need spikes to compete?

A-No, if you are new to the program and are just getting started don’t worry about spikes.  Once you get better acclimated then you can start worrying about those.  As a side note, there are sprinting spikes and distance spikes.  So when you go to purchase them make sure you are getting the right ones.  If you need help come find a coach and ask before purchasing.


Q-What is the best way to get Badger Track Club information?

A-Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is the way to keep up to date.  We will post pictures of the kids at practice, at meets etc. there.  Our big administrative announcements will go out to the mail list, but the social media route is your best option as it’s easy and we have a few people who post things.


Q-What events are part of what training group?

A-400M and down(including any hurdling) is considered sprints, 800M and up would be distance.  Field events are Long Jump and High Jump and would go with that specific discipline.  Depending on the season and the coaches we may not always coach all field events.  


Q-How and where do I sign my child up for a USATF membership so they can compete in USATF events?

A-Here is the link  Also during the process associate them with Badger Track Club so we can manage their entries in USATF events.  When asked for a club use Club # 20-0656: Badger Track Club  The registration expires on December 31st regardless of when you sign up.  You have options for multiple years, or can just renew on a yearly basis.  The association with the club is a one time process.


Q-Do I need to attend all of the practices to be part of the club, or compete in the meets?  If they miss a practice do

A-No, you can participate whenever you would like, and if you miss practice you can still compete in the meets as long as you are registered, have filled out the waiver, and have paid.  We do build the program so the kids progress as they move through it with the peak being the USATF WI Meet, to help them have a good chance to qualify for the Regional and National meet.


Q-What should the kids wear at the meets?

A-We ask that they were the Badger Track Club Tech shirt, singlet or compression shirt.  Having a pair of black shorts is helpful especially if they are going to run at the USATF meets and be part of a relay.  Relay teams all need matching gear, so all singlets, all tech shirts, all black shorts etc.  The only time kids need to match is when they are running official USATF meets and on relays.


Q-What time should I arrive at the meet\competition?

A-You should arrive AT LEAST 1 HOUR before you are to compete.  The more time you have gives you flexibility.  Leave enough time to check-in, get your bib, find your coach, do your warm-up etc. Check the events schedule to find out when your race is.


Q-Any Tips on how to manage my account

A-If you are going to have more than 3 athletes under your login don’t create the account as yourself(The adult) Instead create one as the first athlete.  If you fail to do so, then you will have to request another athlete through the app\website, it will prompt you for this after you add the 3rd athlete.  NOTE: Unless you plan on competing in an event on

A-Here is how you claim your athlete bio

A-Link for the HELP section of to help you figure out stuff

A-Adding a Managed Athlete to your account (any athlete younger than 13 years old)

A-Bios, Profiles

A-Please See the screenshot for adding a team code after creating the account




Below are the items that are important for practice and meets:


  1. Running shoes are a must.  Best recommended place for purchase is Rogan’s West or East(East usually has more options)
  2. Spikes are optional

Water Bottle

  1. Get a nice large one and if you can get one that keeps the water cold all the better


  1. Find one that is decent enough size for kids to put their shoes and extra clothes and water bottle in

Clothing (should start practice warm and can take off during practice if needed)  Better to be warm than cold always

  1. Layers, layers and more layers, If cold or rainy
  2. Nylon or Wind jacket
  3. Hooded sweatshirt, if cold or rainy
  4. T-shirt
  5. Long sleeve shirt, if cold or rainy
  6. Running shorts…made of lightweight material preferred.  At least one pair in black for meets.  If a USATF meet all kids on relays must have matching bottoms, and black looks cool with Badger Red!
  7. Running pants in case it’s cold
  8. 2 pairs of socks, at meets


  1. Snack 2 hours before practice\meet and water can be consumed all the way up until practice.  If meet always have small snacks for kids to eat, def. Don’t want a big full stomach right before running
  2. Water.  Water intake should slow down 1 hour before practice and should always be at practice to be consumed.  If your child is thirsty at practice they are already dehydrated which will affect performance
  3. Energy Drinks are good but should stop 2 hours before practice.  They are great for after practice along with a healthy snack.  Drinks and snack should be consumed within the first 30 minutes after a hard activity.

Additional Work outside of BTC practices

  1. If your child is doing another sport on the days when they are not at practice they are good.
  2. If no other sport they should try to run 15-30 min on Tuesday, Thursday(unless they have a meet that would count as activity), Friday.  More advanced runners may consider Saturday activity.  I recommend at this age taking one day off a week of no sport activity


Rain outs\Bad Weather Practice Cancellation Policy

  1. We will not practice if it’s raining for the athletes safety
  2. We will not practice if there is any lightning in the area.   We check weather apps for this.
  3. We will not practice if there is a HEAT ADVISORY with a heat index over 103 F which is considered DANGEROUS
  4. If it starts to rain at practice or there is lightning after practice starts, we will shut practice down and we would like to ask that you come back ASAP and pick up your athlete.
  5. Most track meets will go if there is light rain but will be suspended if there is risk of lightning
  6. Cancellations will be put on Facebook, Instagram, and twitter first as we can do that from our phones.  We will follow that up with an email notification soon after.  Please watch for the emails.  If you don’t receive a notification of cancellations the meet or practice is on.  Cancellations notification will go out at 4 pm.


  1. Please don’t wait until the last second to sign your child up for the meet.  Once the registration deadline goes by, you won’t be able to sign-up in person, new this year.  We also try to put as many relays together as we can because it’s a great learning experience for the kids and very fun.  So the sooner you get signed up the better chance we can find a relay for you.  Relays are usually mixed gender and sometimes age group.
  2. Make sure to arrive before your event and have your child find their event coach 45 minutes before their event.  The WTC meets usually give out a colored band for you age group.  It is up to you to help your child get informed of when they will run.  As coaches we WILL try our best but cannot keep all the athletes in tuned with their time to run.  Parents assistance in this area is much appreciated
  3. Always wear whatever BTC shirt or singlet you have so you can be associated with the club.



  1. In order to compete in any USATF sanctioned meet you will need to have an active membership here—Services/Individual-Memberships.aspx  When signing up please associate the account with Club # 20-0656: Badger Track Club
  2. The USATF membership runs January 1st-December 31st
  3. Age group is by the age your child will be on December 31st of that year.