The sign-up for our Fall Cross Country Program is HERE  In the next couple of weeks we will make a store available for Badger Track Club gear to purchase before the season starts.  Also we have a Cross Country FAQ that is on the menu of the site and can be found here  Please review for any questions you might have.

If your child is participating in a fall Middle School Cross Country program this will be an easy transition.  If they are not participating in any program and the start of this program will be the start of their Cross Country season, please let us know.  We will work with you to get them running between now and then so they can hit the ground running:-)

Also please don’t forget the September 7th CC meet at Verona High School at 11:40am.  It’s a great opportunity to get things rolling.  Also please feel free to share this email with whomever you think has a child that would fit into our program.  Having the national meet here in Madison is a once in a lifetime opportunity to run a National Meet in your own backyard!