I hope this message finds you all healthy and well. We have a free track meet in Sun Prairie on June 3rd below is the information from the meet director with a signup link below:

Meet will be held at Central Heights Middle School in Sun Prairie
Field events start at 9am.
Running events will start around 9:45-10.
Event times will be affected by overall entrants, it will be a rolling schedule because of this.
Each kid can pick up to 3 events and the relay.
Monday or Tuesday after the meet results will be sent to club coaches. 
There are port-a-potties down behind the garage by the tennis court.

Your team is welcome to warm up with everyone else or do their own thing. We usually do a warm up at 8:30-8:40ish. If any one wants warm ups, have them do it before the meet starts just in case we don’t have time.
Our goal is always to be finished around 11:30.
If families are coming to watch, have them bring lawn chairs as we allow them to sit on the infield. There is also a set of bleachers if they would prefer that.
We do not do concessions so make sure they bring water with them.

Registration closes at 9pm June 1st

Link for registering: