Cross Country FAQ

I’m new to Cross Country is that ok?

  • You do not need experience, we do most of the runs together and you can find someone who can run with you or coach will adjust your workouts based on your skill level

What should I bring to practice?

  • You should bring yourself, a water bottle, warm clothes can always take clothes off but can’t put ones on you don’t have:-)

What type of shoes do I need?

  • Any pair of running shoes will suffice.  Just make sure they aren’t worn out and have good support.  The more support the better.

Do I need spikes?

  • No you do not need spikes to participate.  However spikes can help you run faster as they are lighter and have…well spikes on the front that will help you get better grip up hills and when it’s muddy.  

What do I need to compete in the USATF Regional Meet?

  • You need a valid USATF membership.  If you had one in Summer or Spring Track you’ll all good. If you don’t have one you can get one here  Make sure when you sign up that you enter the following info when prompted for a Club USATF Club # 20-0656: Badger Track Club  Also if it’s your first time signing up you will need to email a copy of your birth certificate or passport to  Copy coach Scott in case there are any questions

Can I come watch practice if I want?

  • Yes…all of our practices are at Elver in a small area.  We use the hill or the soccer field at the bottom of the hill for most of the hard workouts.

What are the distances for Juniors 18-Under at the USATF Meets?

  • Girl’s 2000m Run 8 & Under DivisionBoy’s 2000m Run 8 & Under Division

    Girl’s 3000m Run 9-10 Division

    Boy’s 3000m Run 9-10 Division

    Girl’s 3000m Run 11-12 Division

    Boy’s 3000m Run 11-12 Division

    Girl’s 4000m Run 13-14 Division

    Boy’s 4000m Run 13-14 Division

    Girl’s 5000m Run 15-18 Division

    Boy’s 5000m Run 15-18 Division








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