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My 2017 USATF Junior Olympics National Championships Cross Country Experience by Kate Aman-Lavicky of Badger Track Club

My 2017 USATF Junior Olympics National Championships Cross Country Experience

By Kate Aman-Lavicky 

In December I competed at the 2017 USATF Junior Olympic National Cross Country Championship. It was a great experience that Coach Scott from Badger Track Club asked me to share in hopes to inspire more kids to attend in the future.

My mom and I flew from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Tallahassee, Florida on Thursday so that we had plenty of time to find our way around for the next few days. We stayed in a very cool hotel and everywhere we went there were tons of cross-country kids so we weren’t alone.

The hotel we stayed at was pretty close to where packet pickup and opening ceremonies were so on Friday my mom and I walked there. It was super cold outside and drizzling and we were wearing everything we brought. When we got in, we followed the signs and my mom grabbed the packet because there were no athletes in the packet pickup room allowed. Again, there were a lot of other people so it was crowded. At the packed pick up place, there was also apparel. The entire weekend, apparel lines were super long both at pick up and at the race. We decided to go on Friday because it was the least busy day of the weekend.

After all of that, we took an Uber to the race site. My mom and I didn’t rent a car and we ended up taking Ubers everywhere because it was a lot cheaper and faster than a cab. When we got to Apalachee Regional Park, where the race was, the first thing we did was look around for a little bit to find everything and went to the starting line. At the starting line, there was a man with a clipboard who helped us with questions and had a map of the route. (If you were there with a coach, they could probably help with your questions and explaining but I was the only one from my club who attended.) After figuring out the course and where to go during the race, my mom and I walked the entire first lap and worked out what I would do on race day. (Where to speed up, when to pass people before the narrow parts, where it was really muddy, how to start, where to run when it’s really crowded on the turns ect.) This whole time it was really cold and sprinkling and if I were to do it again I would definitely have packed warmer clothes even though I thought it would be warm. After that I warmed up a bit and did the second lap race pace and got a feel for the course when I was running.

After we got back to the hotel, we stopped for lunch and then I got my stuff ready for the race. I read the packet and put the chips on my shoes. Later that night, we took an Uber to the opening ceremonies. I really recommend going if you can because it was a really fun experience and there were tons of kids. You sit by region and they explain the race and have different people talk about USA Track and Field. Walking back to the hotel, it was pouring rain.

The day of the race we headed out to Apalachee Regional Park and had breakfast on the way. I ran at 1:00 so we left plenty of time to warm up and get into the tent. When we first got there it was really cold so I kept all my layers on and ran the full practice course. Then I did a lot of stretching and my strides with my coat off because I was feeling warmer. 30 minutes before the race they call everyone into a heated tent to wait before going to the starting line. You have to be completely race-ready when you go into the tent so it was chilly. We waited about fifteen minutes in the tent and then went out to the starting line. All 400 girls lined up by region and the starting line was really spread out, so for the most we were about 3 people deep depending on your region. While we were outside there were 3 whistles. 1 was when there was 6 minutes until the race, 1 at 3 minutes and 1 when you should be ready and on the line. The sun had been out almost the whole morning, but when we stepped out it was cloudy and cold so it was really important to stay moving and warm in any way possible.

When the race started, about the first 600 meters were super packed and crowded. It was really hard to gain ground because everyone was still going so fast. Eventually, the pace slowed and it spread out a little, running about consistently 3 across for the most part. The course in Tallahassee was really nice but also muddy from all the rain earlier. It was easier than my region’s qualifier because it was flatter, but harder because it was narrow. On the home stretch, it was pretty crowded and in the chute while everyone got their chips taken off their shoes. I had talked to my mom about a place to meet after the race because it was so tight getting out from the chute. The results flashed on the Jumbotron after. I had a personal best by over 50 seconds and my time was 16:35.87. I was very nervous but I am super glad I did it and it ended up being really fun.  See some Pictures Below!




Badger Track Club wins bid to host 2019 USATF National Junior Olympics Cross Country Championships

We are proud to announce that yesterday the Badger Track club won the bid for the 2019  USATF National Junior Olympics Cross Country Championships.  
The bid was presented and voted upon at the USATF National Meeting in Columbus Ohio.  The meet will be held at the Yahara Hills Golf course in Madison Wisconsin in December of 2019.  The meet has never been held in Wisconsin and winning the bid yesterday was a historic event not only for the Badger Track Club but the Wisconsin USATF association as well.  Special thanks to Jamie Patrick the Vice President of the Madison Area Sports Commission.  Jamie and his staff were instrumental in bringing this to Madison.  

Coach Scott Brinen is working with the Paralympic community and USATF to also bring the first National Paralympic Cross Country meet to Madison Wisconsin to be held immediately after the Junior Olympic National Championships.  

Last Chance to Sign-up for the USATF Cross Country Association meet at UW-Parkside on Sunday November 5th

This is the last chance to sign your child up for the USATF Wisconsin Association Cross Country Meet at UW-Parkside in Kenosha on Sunday November 5th.  We currently have 9 members of the club signed up to run.  Our boys 13-14 age group currently has 4 athletes and is looking for one more member to make a full team.  With 5 runners they would be eligible to qualify as a team for the nationals.  If you have a child who is interested in competing please contact me ASAP so we can arrange to get you signed up. Email me at  The weather is supposed to be in the mid 50’s on Sunday so it should be a great day to race!!

NOTE: There is an open race as well, you would just need to be a registered USATF athlete to compete.

-Coach Scott

Badger Track Club Cross Country Series Information

Badger Track Club Cross Country Series


Location: Elver Park

Date: October 19th-November 20th

Time: 5pm-6pm Mondays and Thursdays

This series will teach your child beginner and advanced Cross Country running, racing and will prepare them for the following championship races:

2017 Wisconsin Association Cross Country Championships in Kenosha at UW-Parkside November 5th    

2017 Footlocker Midwest Championships at UW Parkside November 25th.

This series will cover an introduction to Cross Country for beginners, as well as advanced training techniques like fartlek, interval and tempo running.  Athletes will be put into 2 different groups depending on what level you choose on the sign up form.  This will also build a bridge for the indoor track season and the Wisconsin USATF regional in February 2018.

The new Badger Track Club Tech shirt will be given to each participant

Ages 7-18 years old.

Cost: $60

Cross Country Series Sign-up

Fields marked with an * are required

Kate Aman-Lavicky wins 8th grade girls Dodgeville Middle School Invitational

Kate Aman-Lavicky won her age division at the Dodgeville Middle School Invitational on September 11, 2017.  This was her first cross country race and she took the lead halfway through and never looked back.  Kate competed in the 800M and 1500M for Badger Track Club this summer in her first season.  Great Job Kate keep it up!!!  Click HERE for results


Jayquan Jaeger competes in the Adaptive Sports Junior Nationals in Middleton Wisconsin

The Adaptive Sports Junior Nationals were held in Middleton in July. The Junior Nationals is the oldest continuously held competitive sports event for junior athletes (ages 7 to 22) with physical disabilities in North America. Jayquan Jaeger who competed for Badger Track Club, competed in long jump and shot put. He long jumped 2.18 meters and threw the shot 5.12m. He won his division in both events. Great Job Jayquan!




Christian Jaeger runs 17:10.34 at Verona Invitational 5K

In his first high school cross country race Christian Jaeger ran 17:10.34!  You have a bright future ahead keep working buddy!!

Today’s Verona Meet Info

The open race today that our club can compete in is a 5k distance and is at 12:20.  In order to race you must sign a waiver before at the concession stand.  All of the information is HERE See you there!


I hope everyone had a great summer!!  Several of you have contacted me about opportunities for Cross Country this fall.  Since this will be our first official Cross Country season I wanted to get a note out with some updates.  

Middle School
-I recommend you sign up for whatever program your middle school has.  Their program will give you opportunities to train a few days a week as well as race once a week when the season starts.  If you cannot make the training schedule during the week but can make the races just tell the coach that.  If they balk at that have them email coach Scott at and I will talk to them.  I’ll put a workout program together for you to get you in shape for the races!
-We will have some opportunities for racing outside of your school schedule which I will communicate via this news letter.
-Beginners- 2 to 3 times a week 15 minutes running is a great start to the season
-Intermediate Every other day 20 minutes
-Advanced 5 days a week 20 minutes a day, strides Weekend Group Runs with the Club (On weekends To Be announced)

High School
-Again, sign up for whatever program your high school offers.
-We will have opportunities after the season to compete in some races as well.

-Keep doing whatever training and racing your doing.  If you are road racing it will translate directly to cross country.  I will have some group runs available to do some extra work, Elver Hills, Arboretum, Military Ridge Tempo running…etc (NOTE:Anyone can come to the group runs including kids.  I may be the only person\coach there and I will be participating in the runs so make sure a parent is with them or they are ok doing the run without supervision)

If you do NOT have a Badger Track Club t-shirt or singlet and want one, please contact me with your size and I will order one.  T-shirts are $10 and Singlets are $15.


Racing Opportunities
I will add to this list weekly as I find them but here is what I know as of today.
1. Verona High School Cross Country Open free Cross Country Race Sept 2nd 10am Is when the High School races start and after they are complete there  is an open cross country race for all ages. ADULTS and KIDS can race for FREE   This would be a great opener for your Middle school child and a cool one for you adults who are interested.  YOU WILL NEED TO SIGN A WAIVER AT THE COURSE BEFORE YOU RUN.
2.  Indian Lake Trail Run  October 7th This would also be a great fun run on some very cool terrain
3. USATF Wisconsin Assoc Cross Country Championships in Kenosha WI November 5th.  This is a qualifier for the USATF National Cross Country meet.  I’ll get more info out as we get closer to this date.  Please put this date in your calender.  The Kenosha Parkside course is very cool.  The distances depending on age will be 2k, 3k, 4k, 5k
Badger Track Club Fall Cross Country Program

Date\Time: TBD  
Location: Elver Park 

This will start as soon as the Middle School season ends.  I don’t have a schedule for the Madison schools yet.  When I get that I’ll start working on the dates and get a sign-up and cost on the website.

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who’s participated in Badger Track Club this year.  It’s been a pleasure to be part of it and i’m very excited to see the program growing.  I have lot’s of stuff planned for the future and can’t wait to see everyone continue to grow in this progarm!  Please follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as that’s the quickest way to get info from us!
-Scott Brinen

Starting this week practice will be held at Edgewood High School and will run from 6-7:30 PM!

Second half of the season reminders!

Starting this week practice will be held at Edgewood High School and will run from 6-7:30 PM!

Edgewood High School Track

  • 2219 Monroe St, Madison
  • Remember please only bring water, no colored beverages to practice.
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