Badger Track Club will be hosting a Virtual Track Meet on
The name of the meet is Badger Track Club June 2020 Invitational Virtual Track Meet
There are divisions for all ages 8-under to Masters and Open athletes! 
The following events are available:
Long Jump
Standing Long Jump
Football Throw
Softball Throw

Registration Opens on 6.10.2020 and Closes on 6.19.2020.  Your days to complete your events are 6.20-6.27(Info on the website stating this as well).  Last date to record your results is Saturday 6.27.2020

PLEASE WATCH this video to see how to compete in a Virtual Meet with before signing up TEAM CODE IS 2DWL7F2UV please assign this to all athletes of Badger Track Club or people who would like to compete for Badger Track Club (Parents, brothers, sisters, friends and future athletes of Badger Track Club) 


1. Enter the Age Division that you would be on December 31st of 2020…following the USATF age groups that we use for the rest of our meets.
2. All results must be entered through the app…shown in the above video…it is free to use.
3. All running events and long jump must be done at a track.  The remaining events can be done anywhere but must have video evidence of the attempt and measurement.
4. Video evidence is required for all events except for the 1600M and 3200M.  You must upload a photo of your GPS watch for those distances.  If you do NOT have a GPS watch or phone with GPS, another person must be there to record your time and record a video…video doesn’t need to be uploaded, but should be kept if there is a dispute of your time.
5. You only get one chance per running event, please respect that.
6. You will have one week to do the event\events June 20th-27th.  If you don’t have anyone to time or record you please contact Coach Scott to work out a time to go to the track and time or measure for you.
6. This is open to EVERYONE not just Badger Track Club athletes.  If you are Badger Track Club, please make sure you assign our club to our entry TEAM CODE 2DWL7F2UV

The registration for the meet is FREE..  If you would like to make any donations to the club, all proceeds will go to cover the online management of the meet, and for sponsorship for athletes who cannot pay\outreach\equipment for the Badger Track Club.  You can donate via paypal or venmo  As many of you know, sports is a unifying activity for people from all different backgrounds.  Our goal is to give opportunities to as many people as possible.  This meet is open to anyone who wants to compete, please send it to friends whom you would like to compete against.  The link to the meet is HERE

The Verona Track has been open and is a great place to go for your race.  If this goes well we will have another virtual meet in July.

You can sign up for the meet 1 of 2 ways(Mentioned Above)
1. Sign up for a free account at  Then search for the meet and sign up there
2. You can download the app and sign up for a free account or login with your existing account.  If you choose option 1 for signup, you should still download the app as you can upload results and a video of you competing through the app.

Any additional instructions will be sent out after you register, from the system or will be posted on the event information.  Please read all of this information and watch the video above before contacting us for questions at  I HOPE WE GET A HUGE GROUP TO DO THIS!!!

Additional racing opportunity

TENTATIVE: As of right now the Wisco Mile will happen on Saturday July 18th MORE INFO HERE  This is an aged based Mile competition, as well as a 5k.  Again, this is for all ages 8 and up. I am not sure what it will look like this year, but I spoke to the Meet Director and he still believes he can meet that date.  So stay tuned.  I will be at the meet and will send updates as we get closer.

As we move to Phase 2 of the recovery plan, we will start having some drop in 1 hour workouts that people can come to.  We will have a sprints coach and a distance coach at each practice.  We aren’t sure if we will have someone there for long jump.  It will all be based on the availability of the coaches and these workouts will be free, basically a short practice.

Coach Scott