Cross Country FAQ can be found HERE


WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING ENTRIES FOR THE PROGRAM. This page is for parents and athletes already signed up.


For safety reasons because we are running on grass we will NOT practice if it is raining or there is any lightning within 25 miles of Madison.  If we start practice and it starts raining, please come back to the location as soon as possible because we will stop practicing.  If it’s light rain\misting it will be up to the discretion of the coach to continue practice or stop.   It is OK if your child decides they want to leave practice because of the rain.

If the ground is snow covered we will also NOT practice.  Any questions email coach Scott at  WE WILL POST TO FACEBOOK and try our best to additionally send an email if practice is cancelled.  The call will be made by 4pm of that day.


If an athlete feels ill or anyone in the immediate household isn’t feeling well, or either or both test positive for COVID please stay home!  If a family member or athlete test positive we ask that you do NOT come to practice for 14 days.  Coach Scott can give you workouts to do on your own.  You do NOT need to communicate the reason why you won’t be able to attend the events, just communicate with us that you won’t be at practice for the day, week etc.  It’s extremely important that we help each other out.  Also, please have the conversation with your child that they should do as much social distancing as possible at practice.

Athletes will be put in groups(Squads) of no more than 25. One coach will be assigned to each squad and will wear a mask the entire time while coaching. That coach will stay at the same location each week, and if they have any children they will have the option of staying with their parent for logistical reasons. Squads will be the same each week and you will rotate through the different locations with the same squad. It is not acceptable to switch squads for safety reasons, you must follow the schedule.   Athletes can wear masks if they wish but it is optional. We will do our best to keep as much social distance as possible while instructing and starting of the running, but it is distance running and kids at times will be close to each other running. You will need to sign a waiver that is linked below (BRING TO FIRST DAY OF PRACTICE).  You cannot practice without the waiver

Cost of the program is $90 and can be paid via Venmo(Preferred) or Paypal Please pay before the first day of practice.  Venmo and Paypal can go to  

Your athlete will get a t-shirt as part of your fee to participate




We have 3 locations(20 runners per location):


Elver Park 1250 McKenna Blvd. Madison, WI 53719  Meet at the Pavilion by the swing set


Garner Park 333 S Rosa Rd. Madison, WI 53705  Upper Parking Lot near the Soccer Field


Wexford Park 1201 N Westfield Rd. Madison, WI 53717  Near the sign for the park


-You will rotate through all 3 locations with the same Squad, squads are numbered 1-3 and a link is below of what Squad you are on.  A different location each day, Example Monday Elver, Thursday Garner, Monday Wexford, Thursday Elver…etc.


-Each coach will be assigned one location and will stay at that location for the entire program


Link for the Schedule is HERE

Link for the Squads is HERE

Link for the Waiver is HERE



Practice Info:


Monday and Thursdays Starting September 14th and Ending November 5th


We will start promptly at 5pm and end at 6:30pm.

Parents need to stay in their cars when dropping off and picking up, try your best to be on-time for drop-off and pick-up.

Athletes should come with a backpack and water and any additional clothes they should need.  They can then put their backpacks in an area near to where they will run.  This will keep their drinks and clothes isolated from other athletes.  Please discuss this with your child, and explain it is not ok to share water and any other equipment with other athletes.

Please have a conversation with them about social distancing, no high fives, hugs, touching other athletes.  Advise them to try to practice safe social distance of 6 feet between themselves and athletes during practice.  Coaches will do their best to assist in social distancing, but the kids need to be aware as well.

If you need to talk to the coach or myself for any reason please email me at




Race Schedule:


October 3rd UW-Parkside (more information to come later) Cost for this race approx. $20 and we will get preferred sign-up. So when I email about this please sign up ASAP. This race will have many measures in place for social distancing, laned start and safe finish area. All coaches and parents will be required to wear a mask.



November 1st WI USATF Regional Qualifying Meet at UW Parkside. Cost: TBD will update when I have more information.



Cost of the program is $90 and can be paid via Venmo or Paypal Please pay before the first day of practice

Your athlete will get a t-shirt as part of your fee to participate